Exploring Galway City & County

Visualising key data for Galway City and County

People & Areas

Investigate the different areas in Galway City and County, with a focus on People and types of industry.

Use interactive maps and charts to view a combination of CSO Census data, along with an industry sector analysis for the full city and county, or at an Electoral Division, or Municipal District level. Use the "Quick Compare" tool to compare a high level overview of multiple areas.


Explore data related to Commuting, Housing, and Cultural Infrastructure in Galway City and County.

Data from AIRO, Galway City and County Councils, and the PRTB are made easily accessible using a variety of interactive maps and charts.


Investigate data on Enterprise, Innovation & Employment in Galway City and County, along with a view of the wider regional and national context.

Visualisations include data on Entrepreneurship, Research & Development, Enterprise Support, Employment, Disability and Poverty.


Explore Environmental data for Galway City and County.

Interactive visualisations present data on Water Quality, Blue Flag beaches, and Waste Management.

Resource Library

Explore White Papers and Sectoral Overviews on key industry areas for Galway City and County