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  • Innovation

    Knowledge, learning and innovation are key ingredients for economic development and competitiveness for firms, regions and nations. Recent studies in economic growth theory research place heavy emphasis on the role of ideas and innovation in generating growth. For the purposes of this White Paper on Innovation we focus on three core themes - what is innovation, developing firms level innovation capacity and conditions, supporting mechanisms and institutions. These themes are relevant to understanding how Galway City and County can support economic growth through innovation

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  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Policy Overview: US, EU and Ireland

    This White Paper focuses on reviewing key policies form the US, and the European Union before focusing on national policy. The implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship policy sets the conditions by which companies, individuals and entrepreneurs make decisions

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  • Macro and Firm Level Innovation Measurement and Indicators

    Measuring innovation is a complex and difficult task. We focus on innovation measures and indicators from two levels. Our first focus is on macro measures of innovation that are used for international comparisons and complied by national statistical agencies. The latter focus of our White Paper is on firm level measures and indicators of innovation. In particular we focus on organisational innovation, innovation management and management innovation measures and indicators

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