Food Sector

Executive Summary Overview of the Food Sector

Regional Overview

  • The City and County have a variety of Farmers markets, food festivals, and other food promotion activities to benefit companies working in the food sector in Galway.
  • There are 30 market locations in Galway City and County where food is being sold.
  • The Growing Galway Food project identified 320 small food producers and 332 small food buyers.
  • 53% of food producers employ between 1 and 2 people including the founder/owner.
  • 40% of food producers ran their production from home.
  • 70% of Galway food buyers surveyed by Growing Galway Food actively source local produce.
  • There are 3,762 food and drink processing jobs based in the western region.
  • Growing Galway Food a new initiative aimed at developing the food sector in Galway.
  • First state backed organic farm is located in Athenry – 110 hectares.
  • 19 Galway County farmers markets and 4 in Galway City.
  • 356 restaurants are located in Galway city, the third highest concentration after Dublin and Cork.
  • Galway has Failte Ireland nominated food ambassadors.
  • 16 food festivals are held in Galway City and County annually.
  • In conjunction with Bord Bia, training programmes, grants and the development of a strong infrastructure and food culture within Galway supports the development and success of new food producers.
  • 12 nominations for Ireland's best artisan food and greengrocers came from Galway in 2014
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